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Help documentation for Kings in the Corner

Starting the Game

All players start with 7 cards in their hand. The rest of the deck is then placed in the center of the table as a draw pile. The top 4 cards are then placed face up around the draw pile, one card on each side.

On Your Turn

You begin your turn by drawing a card, which is done for you automatically. You then attempt to get rid of all your cards by playing on the piles around the draw pile. There are essentially 3 types of moves that you can make:

  • Play a card from your hand directly on one of the non-empty piles around the draw pile. This must be done in descending order of value and alternating colors.

Example: If a pile contains a red 9 covered by a black 8, the only card that can be played on that pile would be a red 7.

  • Move one pile on top of another pile . This can be done if the first card in the pile being moved can be played on top of the last card in the pile you are moving it to, following the same rules as in #1.

Example: You can move a pile with a black 5 covered by a red 4 onto a pile covered by a red 6.

  • Start a new pile with a King or a card from your hand. Kings can be played from your hand or moved from a pile to an empty corner of the draw pile to start a new pile on the corner. Also, after moving any pile onto another pile , any card from your hand can be played in the empty slot to start a new pile.

Note: In game, only the top and bottom cards of a stack are shown in order to save space for smaller screens. If you see a black 10 covered by a black 8 there is actually a red 9 between them. Since only the top and bottom cards are used for playing, the middle cards are not shown.

Ending Your Turn

Your turn is over when you can not play any cards or move any piles. To end your turn, tap the draw pile in the middle of the table.


Hints & Tips

  • Instead of playing a card in an empty space and then moving a pile on top of it, you can play the card directly under a pile. This move will not be highlighted and only works when there is at least one empty space.
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